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Fall is always a perfect season for your team to participate in a Chicago Scavenger Hunt. The heat of the extraordinary 2012 Chicago summer will be a distant memory and the cool crisp days are ideal for enjoying the outdoors. Hunts are offered all across the metropolitan Chicago area allowing logistics for your teams to be simple and convenient.

Chicago Scavenger Hunt Team Events facilitated by Corporate Teams are not your typical scavenger hunts!  Instead of having teams tick off a list of items as fast as possible and/or being led point to point, our unique format provides a high element of strategic thinking and collaborative decision making.  There are too many Race locations to get to in the timeframe allocated.  This is intentional.  It is not the fastest teams that earn the most points – it’s the smartest team!  Two high energy Chicago scavenger hunt formats – Mission Impossible Team Challenge and the Amazing Adventure Race – will keep teams on their toes.