Zoo Scavenger Safari

Team Size:

Space Requirements:


Physical Challenge:

The Zoo Scavenger Safari is a dynamic, competitive, strategic and intensely collaborative event. This event will keep teams on the move as they navigate and solve a variety of challenges. Team collaboration, outwitting the competitive, and managing the complexity of simultaneous challenges is the key to maximizing performance revenue during the designated time period. The key to success is to recognize the strengths that all team members bring to the team; allocate expertise effectively; develop a big picture strategy; and manage a ‘multi-tasking’ challenge in a limited period of time.

Program Overview


Teams will be supplies with backpacks; supplies; maps and materials to accomplish a variety of challenges.  The entire time period will require team to travel to various points of interest to locate; solve; and document challenges.  It is up to the team on how they want to manage their time and what challenges they decide to pursue.

Strategic Adventure Activities

These are 'short collaborative events' that will require the team to think quickly!  Strategy and effective execution are the keys to success.  There will be a series of Strategic Adventure Activities at various points throughout the challenge.  The objective is to locate and successfully complete each of these activities.

Clue Challenges

The team will be given a number of 'Clues' that will lead them to various points of interest.  Team members must solve the clue, determine where the clue answer is located, travel to the clue locations, and take a team photo at the site.

Zoo Clue Challenges:

Teams will be given a series of interesting facts that hold the key to the clues that must be solved to successfully locate the animal species in the Zoo.  Teams will document their arrival to the site with a team photo.

Photo Challenge

Each team will be given a digital camera with a list of required photo challenges.  The objective is to decipher what the challenge requires, be open to the 'periphery' to locate the photo challenge locations, and document their team at that location.  It will require the ability to balance a 'big picture' approach with 'focused attention' on other simultaneous activities.