Chicago Lincoln Park Amazing Adventure Race Scavenger Challenge

Team Size:

10 - 1000

Space Requirements:



2hrs - Full Day

Physical Challenge:


Chicago Lincoln Park Amazing Adventure Race Scavenger Challenge

Chicago’s Lincoln Park is an ideal backdrop for the Amazing Adventure Race Scavenger Challenge. Whether you choose the Lincoln Park Zoo or the park itself the surroundings are beautifual and inspirational. The energy is high as teams gather at the start line to learn the race rules before moving into action!

Collaborative, fast-paced, highly strategic and very competitive, teams race to as many Amazing Adventure Race Scavenger Challenge locations as possible.  There are far too many to get to in the official race period.  This is intentional.  Teams must choose wisely.  It is not the fastest teams that win; it’s the smartest teams!

Amazing Race locations are spread out across the field area.  First, teams must decipher the code that reveals the clue that will identify the location.  Once teams arrive at a Race Challenge location, they engage in a series of active challenges that require team collaboration, innovation, and effective execution.

Amazing Race Challenges can be completed in any order. It is up to your team to determine the most efficient use of resources and to travel a course that will maximize the number of Amazing Race Challenges completed successfully. The Amazing Adventure Race requires teams to think strategically before jumping into action! Teams that balance strategy and action while adapting to unexpected changes are the teams that excel as they race to the finish!

Program Overview

TEAM Kickoff

Teams gather at the start line in the selected Field of Play Race Area. Amazing Adventure Race Teams rules of engagement are revealed. Teams create their own strategy from the start – all Amazing Adventure Race Challenges are presented upfront so it is up to choose their Race Challenges wisely, plot an efficient course of travel, manage the diversity of challenges that earn performance points, and move into action.

Amazing Adventure Race in Action

Teams hit the ground in pursuit of their first Amazing Adventure Race Challenge. Since teams will have different strategies, they will spread out heading east, west, north and south trying to keep ahead of their competition. How many Race Challenges locations will they successfully complete?

TEAM Results

As the clock ticks to the finish, teams will arrive back to Race Headquarters. Amazing Race Challenges are tallied and the results are in. Because of the complexity and diversity of how performance points are earned, we are able to recognize each team for a unique accomplishment before revealing the final totals. And the winners are?

Post Program

Each team will have a camera throughout the event documenting a series of widely creative team photos. We take the best of the best and put together a compilation into a high-energy photo/music slideshow. Team members are sure to ‘laugh out loud’ when they see the crazy and fun photos from the race!