Magnificent Mile, Chicago Mission Impossible Team Challenge

Team Size:

10 - 1000

Space Requirements:



2hrs - 4

Physical Challenge:


Mission Impossible Team Challenge


Intensely strategic, highly collaborative, and mind-expanding!  Mission Impossible: Mystery on the Magnificent Mile, Chicago keeps teams on their toes. From High Tea with the socialites, to the clouds on the 95th – each Mission location captures the energy of Chicago’s Michigan Avenue.

Your Team Mission?

Experience the sights, sounds, surf and many adventures of South Beach!  From famous Ocean Drive, to the shady palms of Lummus Park, to the white sand beach, team members jump into action and race from one Mission to the next.  Watch out for the competition!

Sounds easy enough.  Here’s the catch – There are too many Mission Locations to get to within the designated race time.  This is intentional!  It’s not the fastest team that wins; it’s the smartest team!

Throw out the technology.  Instead of your team following a device telling you
where to go and what to do, it is up to your team to collaborate and navigate a unique course of travel – the decisions are up to your team.  Crack a series of complex secret codes and then it’s off to complete the challenges.  It is up to your team to determine the most efficient use of resources and to plot a route that maximizes the number of missions completed successfully.  Teams document success with photos and videos ultimately delivered to the team as a high-energy slideshow capturing the spirit of the day.

Mission Impossible in Action

Team Briefing:  Ready, Set, Go!  After teams engage in a high-energy kick-off, the rules of the Mission Impossible Team Challenge are revealed. Teams develop their own strategy from the start – it is up to the team to prioritize; plot a course of travel; tap into each team members strengths and skills; and multi-task to earn as many points as possible.  Remember, there are too many Missions to complete – so teams must choose wisely!

Action!:  Teams grab their gear: Mission supplies, backpacks, digital cameras, team bandannas, and lots of fun team challenge equipment.  Teams move into motion with a stealth strategy and head out in all directions.

Team Debrief:  Teams race to the finish!  An interactive and high-energy debrief ties together key takeaways about teamwork, collaboration and working under pressure.

Awards: Judges tally the points and the results are announced.  The winners are?!Judges tally the points and the results are announced.  The winners are?!

Photo/Video Slideshow: The best of the best team photos and videos are delivered in an energetic slideshow. Team creativity is rewarded so be prepared to laugh out loud!


Team Goals & Outcomes

Collaborative & Strategic – This energizing adventure has teams working and thinking together under the pressure of time.  The entire strategy is up to the team.
Effective Execution – Teams determine their unique course of action. Checkpoints along the way allow for adaptive shifts in strategy.  The tight timeframe will showcase hands-on collaborative decision making and planning skills.
Fun, Competitive, and Fast – Team relationships are strengthened and lots of laughter will occur while teams push forward and celebrate each accomplishment along the way to success.